With Valentine’s Day only a week or so away, many of us are stressed out, still not completely over the holiday rush of December and January. The holiday hangover is a real thing and now we have the month of love to worry about! Add the holiday stress with whatever we are experiencing at our jobs and we are dealing with a potent mix of anxiety and lack of sleep. There is no better time than right now for a vacation, to eradicate those winter blues and get on with your life in a positive and healthy manner. Mariah McKay of Inlander agrees.

In this article, she writes, “We are in the midst of that dreary time of year when the wet, cold darkness seems omnipresent even as we’ve begun to inch towards the light. Many seize the season and use vacation time as a winter-blues survival strategy. With accelerating demands on our time, however, people can feel like they need a vacation just to plan a vacation, or fully recover from their adventures when they return from one.”

Those are inspiring words, as if we are about to go to war on stress. We have to seize the season no matter how strange we might feel about it. Going on a vacation is the first step toward the light, a way out of the winter blues labyrinth we build around ourselves. Although McKay suggests we need a vacation to plan a vacation, her main idea sticks: We need to protect ourselves against winter blues.

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