Of course, at Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast, we recommend visiting Calgary in all seasons, but like most places in the world, summer is where the good times stick to the soul.

Calgary is no different and there are plenty of things to do here in the summer months to really get the most out of this region, one such special event is the resurrection of Calgary’s drive-ins.

This is definitely an exciting occasion, because who doesn’t like the drive-in? It’s basically the epitome of summer film going, as it brings about those feelings of nostalgia and the good old days. Whether this involved your first date with your now significant other or crazy nights with the high school gang, everyone has a favorite drive-in memory. Now we can relive those with Deerfoot City.

As reported in Metronews.ca, “After Calgary’s last drive-in theatre closed in 1999, it seemed the phenomenon would become a thing of the past, but for five nights this summer, the new Destination: Deerfoot City will be converting Deerfoot Mall’s parking lot into a drive-in.”

At long last, we can relive those cherished memories of yore or as, Jasmin MacDonald with Destination puts it, “It’s something that’s been in movies and TV shows for generations, so people feel nostalgic for it, even if they’ve never experienced it before.”

We couldn’t of said it better ourselves! The five movies that will be shown are Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Finding Nemo, E.T., and a viewer’s choice with polls opening on July 20.

So Calgary, we have a question for you: are you ready for nostalgia? We certainly are!