2016 is here and from all of us at Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast we wish you and your family a Happy New Year. We are very excited what the year will hold, for us and for Calgary as a whole. There is an element of change in the air and it seems like that area is ready to move on from an arduous 2015 where everyone seemed to be beaten down and out of options. However, that year is over and done with and a wave of optimism is sweeping over the region as many are channeling the spirits of our ancestors and becoming more connected with the beautiful land that is around us.

In this op-ed piece for CBC, W. Brett Wilson writes, “I suggest we remember that the West – and Calgary in particular – was established by some of the most intrepid, irrepressible, and independent entrepreneurs anywhere. Building a small community at the confluence of the Bow and the Elbow rivers – on the edge of a wild and open prairie bordering on a rugged mountain wilderness – our first settlers met all challenges with a plucky determination that has allowed us, decades later, to become one of the finest cities in the world. Now it’s up to each of us – individually – to claim, or reclaim, the same gutsy spirit of those who came before us. We have no other choice.”

Gutsy – now that is an important word to ponder. When you think of gutsy, you think of courage, braving the wilderness looking for a better life, but gutsy also means fostering an appreciation for the natural world, which Calgary is in no short supply of. You can experience all this gutsy beauty and more at Along River Ridge Bed & Breakfast. After all, “When you put a B&B on the banks of the Bow, beautiful outdoor amenities are essential. Solarium garden doors open to a peaceful backyard haven (“garden of delights”) & the Bow River at your doorstep!”

In our eyes, there is no better way to experience what Wilson is talking about in his op-ed piece. We need to conjure up that gustiness that is in the landscape and use it to propel us through 2016. Booking a stay at our bed & breakfast is the perfect starting point for a resourceful and gusty year. Call us today and let’s see if we can you on the right foot.