Top 5 Benefits of Bed and Breakfast

Thinking about staying in a bed and breakfast? Calgary is home to a number of charming B&B’s where you can enjoy a quiet yet unforgettable getaway. By staying at a bed and breakfast, you can have a far more delightful vacation than you would if you stayed in a traditional hotel. Hotels simply do not offer the same level of intimacy, comfort, charm, and relaxation as bed and breakfasts. Review the following top 5 benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast in Calgary to understand why staying at a bed and breakfast is the ideal way to spend your vacation.

1. Breakfast is included.

As the name suggests, breakfast is a part of your stay at a bed and breakfast. Calgary bed and breakfasts offer hearty, homemade breakfasts that you wouldn’t be able to find at any hotel. The typical continental hotel breakfast consisting of stale donuts, orange juice from concentrate, and instant coffee, pales in comparison to the gourmet spread you could get at a bed and breakfast. Best of all, you won’t have to pay extra for the lovely breakfast because it will be included in your nightly rate.

2. A superior level of customer service.

You can expect to receive a superior level of customer service by staying at a bed and breakfast. Calgary B&B’s are usually owned by individuals, who take a more hands-on approach to managing their properties and strive to ensure that their guests are content. On the other hand, if you stay at a large chain hotel, the staff will likely be cold, careless, and less concerned about your overall satisfaction.

3. You get to explore areas off the beaten path.

One of the major perks of staying in a bed and breakfast is that you can explore areas off the beaten path. Bed and breakfasts in Calgary are often located in residential areas, allowing you to get to know the real Calgary. Hotels are usually located in the busiest, most central areas of Calgary so you certainly don’t get to see as much. You’re more likely to have a cookie-cutter tourist experience if you stay at a hotel.

4. Meet other travelers.

It is possible to meet other travelers and make lifelong friends by staying at a bed and breakfast. Calgary tourists who stay at hotels typically come and go without saying a word to people they don’t know. Bed and breakfasts are another story. Thanks to the intimate, homelike environment bed and breakfasts offer, you can make lots of new friends in the dining room, living room, or on the patio. After staying at a bed and breakfast once and getting the opportunity to meet other travelers, most people are addicted to the experience and never want to stay in a traditional hotel again.

5. More space and privacy.

When you stay at a hotel, you typically have access to a small room with two beds and a desk. Needless to say, you can get claustrophobic pretty fast. Most people end up spending very little time in their hotel rooms, which is a shame since it’s so expensive to stay in hotels. On the other hand, at a bed and breakfast, you’ll not only have a cozy room to yourself, you’ll also have several common areas to enjoy such as the living room, sun room, dining room, and snack bar. In addition, some bed and breakfasts feature outdoor common areas such as a yard, gardens, and gazebos. Rather than feeling claustrophobic like you would at a hotel, you’ll feel like you want to spend your entire vacation at the bed and breakfast!